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Has anyone seen Luke?!

The Quail Press would like to welcome our new Editor in Chief:

LUKE (he’s the pleasant one on the left, so you’re all fucked!)

His handlers have informed us that,although he has been partially domesticated, it’s best to avoid direct eye contact until familiarity is established.

Let’s give him a good textual-hazing (it is what it sounds like…)

Please understand how mother fucking elated we are to have him aboard this sinking ship that houses our nostalgic nonsense we call ‘publishing.’

I hope all of our books wind up in the same landfill together. A textual compost pile. A sort of No Exit blaming-mentality, as the pulp conforms to earth.

Kara Marell

Join us in welcoming Kara Marell to The Quail Press. Her forthcoming work, Karma Vet, will be available in 2020.An intimate and visceral examination of the daily struggle to adapt as animals in a hostile environment, Marell permeates the page with a fierce, subjective honesty in a way that does not disappoint.

‘Funeral Journey’ by Bryon Cherry is out and about!


Original Photo by Lily Shea
Bryon Cherry is a poet, musician, and alchemist. In poems he attempts to navigate the space between a solitary moment and the expanse of eternity. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, he is of and shaped by his own city.
Cherry is guided by the magical forces of listening and love. His work has appeared in Return to the Gathering Waters Anthology by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press and Permeable to the Year by The Subtle Forces.
Forthcoming books include Funeral Journey on The Quail Press and Ruins, Ruminations, and Rituals on Anarcho Welfare